SCHIMBA is the Sugar Camp Hollow International Mountain Bicycle Association.

Sugar Camp Hollow is a small watershed that drains into Horse Creek in southeastern Hardin County, Tennessee. It is at the center of the Horse Creek Tract of the Ross Forests that has been owned by the Ross family since the 1880’s. We have many miles of dirt logging roads, wide trails, and hand built single track that members enjoy riding and maintaining.

  Activity Reports

February 26, Mt. Bike Ride in Sugar Camp Hollow

Richard, Don, and Randy joined John for the second day of riding on the trails in Sugar Camp Hollow.  We went up to the first waterfall and then over to the second one, back up the hill for the south rim trail, then over the ridge to ride back on the Wetlands Reserve Program Beaver [...]

Feb 26 2012

SCHIMBA cookout at Randy’s cabin at Walker Cave 2-1-2012

Robert Wood, Bo Higginbottom, Ben Harmon, Ian Orford, Dennis Turnbo, Henry Williams, and John Ross joined Randy Stanfield at his cabin at Walker Cave for a cookout and some target practice, the first SCHIMBA outing of 2012.   No one seemed to want to tour the cave this time. 


Feb 01 2012


Mountain Bike Trails


Mar 25 2008


Thursday, April 3, Butterflies, Wildflowers, and Rain

Allan Trently, the new natural areas manager for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) came over yesterday to look at butterflies on the Ross Forest natural areas and in Walker Branch State Natural Area.  The weather was not much better for butterflies than for bicyclists, but we did see a few and some [...]

Apr 03 2008

March 29

Dr. Rogers had a run in with his horse Saturday.  He had better get back to mountain biking before he gets hurt.

Mar 30 2008


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Mar 27 2008